Aptiva Care Management

Get Started Now APTIVA TAKES THE LEAD - Why Aptiva - - COVID Response - - Aptiva Press - Aptiva organizes and manages the many intricate aspects of care for your elderly, ill, or injured loved one - so you can focus on providing love and support.

“Aptiva Care management is my go to company for case management and everything that goes with that. Their ability to manage complex cases have far and away exceeded my expectations. They never let me or my patients down. I highly recommend them!”


Care Management

Aptiva does not deliver medical care. However, we deliver guidance and results by overseeing all facets of your loved one’s care through patient advocacy and care management services.

Ill, Injured or Ongoing Health Issues:
There are many moving parts in healthcare when someone is ill or injured. Aptiva jumps in and assembles the necessary team of experts – physicians, physical therapists, registered dieticians, RNs, etc.  Then, we coordinate and manage the team, so you can focus on providing your loved one with companionship and support. Be as hands-on as you like with care, or step back and let Aptiva Care Management handle it all.

Aging Parents:
Whether you live near or far from your aging parent, issues with their care and supervision may grow to be more complex and demanding than you can comfortably manage. Aptiva Care Management, in collaboration with the family and the individual, organizes and manages all aspects of care. Aptiva’s goal is to meet an individual’s and/or family’s comprehensive health needs via coordinated resources to promote wellness, quality of life, cost-effective outcomes, and most important – peace of mind.

Aptiva care managers act as your senior parent’s advocate, helping to ensure they follow doctors’ orders. This can be challenging if a senior has memory difficulties or problems reading fine print. Aptiva assists with:

  • Transportation and scheduling of doctors’ appointments
  • Attending doctors’ appointments and facilitating communication between doctor, senior and family members, if appropriate.
  • Monitoring client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions, including reminders to take medications and exercise as directed by a physician.
  • Special dietary needs for conditions like diabetes, hypertension or heart disease can be managed through strict shopping guidelines and proper food preparation by our skilled CARE team.

“Hi Marc, I just wanted to let you know that the doctors, therapists, case managers etc. at Craig Rehab have all said what a wonderful job we did with Brett at home and their very amazed that he is so healthy and doing so well etc. Thank you again! We owe it all to you! You truly are our hero!

– Carrie Christy –

Assessment and Monitoring

Planning and Problem Solving

Education and Advocacy

Family & Staff Coaching

* Local, cost-effective resources are identified and engaged as needed.

* A care plan tailored for each individual’s circumstances is prepared after a comprehensive assessment. The plan may be modified, in consultation with client and family, as circumstances change.