Cerna Home Care, provider senior home care services, kicks-off 2018 with news of progress in the areas of leadership, expansion and technology. These exciting developments have been set in motion to better serve families and care recipients.


Nick Payzant, Cerna Home Care’s CEO and Founder will transition out of day-to-day operations as his focus shifts to growing other locations. He will oversee development of a wearable monitoring device as well as building Cerna Home Care’s first assisted living community.

Marc Friedman, Executive Vice President is now Cerna Home Care President assuming the majority of Nick Payzant’s former responsibilities as he oversees marketing and operations for Cerna Home Care in California and Arizona.

Two new positions have been created ensuring clients and care recipients continue to receive Cerna’s signature high-level of care and responsiveness. Edith Gonzalez, formerly Cerna’s HR Manager is now Operations Director. Deana Wade, formerly Care Coordinator, is Cerna Client Service Manager.


Cerna Home Care is in the due diligence phase of opening its first Cerna assisted living community in Orange County. The same thoughtful practices Cerna applies to in home care and their board & care residence will carry over to Cerna assisted living.

Since 2011, Cerna has owned and operated a successful six-bed board & care residential home in Orange County. The board & care’s long wait list is in response to the excellent care and service provided to residents. Also, families appreciate Cerna’s high caregiver-to-resident ratio. Cerna strives to be the best, not the most expensive. Their goal is 5-star care for all – care recipients, board & care residents and future assisted living residents.


Many of our seniors need a solution for fall detection, life monitoring, medication reminders and most of all, peace of mind. Cerna Home Care is developing a wearable monitoring device, ideal for those not yet in need of a caregiver. Consequently, the intuitive device will monitor health threats like falls, heart rate and location. Also the device will have two-way communication. Cerna watches and assesses the device’s assessed 24-7. Cerna can send out a caregiver or emergency personnel as needed. Do you have questions or feedback? Cerna Home Care is happy hear from you.

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