Aptiva Care Management strives each and every day to be the best Care Solution in the industry. Aptiva is well known for our above and beyond mentallity and here you will find several examples of how much this has effected those around us.

“Marc provides medical management for eight members of my family.  He has been with my family for over two years now and handles every aspect of all my family’s needs.  Where would we be without him?  I don’t even want to think about it.””

– Meghan Lynch Murray

“Nothing is scarier than getting a cancer diagnosis. Marc Friedman and his team at Aptiva were warm, attentive, and compassionate with helping my family take care of my mother. I cannot imagine what it would have been like without Marc’s experience, expertise, and compassion. Just knowing Marc and his team were there for us whatever we needed, was a huge peace of mind.”

– Nora Gard

“Dear Marc – I had wanted to send you a Christmas card to wish you and your family a very happy holiday, but time got away from me this season.

But, I still wanted you to know how much your help meant to me and my family this past fall. I even mentioned you recently to a friend speaking to how attentive and so very helpful you and your employees were.

You helped save my mom and you helped save my family. We are forever grateful to you. I wish nothing but the best to you and your loved ones this holiday. Happy New Year!”

– Nora Gard

– Wendy Vanover

“While in a personal crisis and emotional low, Aptiva came to my disabled brother’s assistance. Marc is extremely resourceful and has solved hospitalization, housing, and healthcare issues. Marc and staff have been a godsend to our family”

– Vicky Santa Maria

“Mike was so good on our vacation. We would have never have thought that just a few short years after his TBI/accident that we would have a family week together like we just had. It was amazing. Mike was like the old Mike before the accident. It’s a miracle !!! Thank you again and again. You made it happen for him and our family. And to put a cherry on top of everything, Lowe’s has elevated Mike from a seasonal employee to a permanent employee!!! Another prayer answered. Thank you again so much.

– Christy Dileo

left to right: Mike with his mom, nephew and brother-in-law

“Marc, simply put, what Aptiva does for people in crisis is incredible. You do amazing work. You will truly be rewarded in heaven. Thank you, Thank you Aptiva!

– JD and Dani

“Aptiva Care management is my go to company for case management and everything that goes with that. Their ability to manage complex cases have far and away exceeded my expectations. They never let me or my patients down. I highly recommend them!”


“Marc Friedman and the team at Aptiva Care Management were outstanding in the care of my 26 year old son suffering from a delayed frontal lobe brain injury.  Months of hospitalization, medication, doctors, tests, we were left heartbroken and discouraged.  With Marc at the helm; coordinating care, medication, rehabilitation, and counseling, we are finally seeing improvement and know that Michael is on the road to a good, happy, and productive future.  Marc continues to manage Mike’s care with expertise and compassion and also has become an important part of our family and Mike’s life.”

– Christy Dileo

“I have worked with Marc and his team at Aptiva many times with my patients over the years. They have always provided excellent service and care. I highly endorse them to anyone in a healthcare crisis or complex situation.” 

– James Lindberg, MD
Internal Medicine

Marc and his team with Brett Boyer

“Hi Marc, I just wanted to let you know that the doctors, therapists, case managers etc. at Craig Rehab have all said what a wonderful job we did with Brett at home and their very amazed that he is so healthy and doing so well etc. Thank you again! We owe it all to you! You truly are our hero!

– Carrie Christy

Just look at him now!

“I recommend Marc and Aptiva Care Management without any reservation at all. I have come to rely on them quite a bit when it comes to complex care cases.”

– Sanjivan Koli, MD

“Hi Marc, thank you for the kind message. I want you to know how grateful and lucky I feel to have met you. I can’t even bear to think about where Brett would be right now if it weren’t for you. You’ve been amazing and Brett’s incredible progress is all because of you. We can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done so far.”

– Carrie

“Nothing is scarier than getting a Cancer diagnosis. Marc Friedman and his staff at Aptiva were warm, attentive, and compassionate with the care of my mother, family. I cannot imagine what it would have been like without Marc’s experience, expertise, compassion, just knowing Marc, and his team was there for us, whatever we needed. Knowing that his team was there along our side, this was a huge piece of mind. You helped to save my mom, my family. We will always be forever grateful to you and your team”.

– Nora Gard

“Thank you does not even begin to express my gratitude for all the help you and your team have provided for my mom, family during this horrible situation. Because of your knowledge, expertise, and kindness my father had the peace of mind knowing that he would not be alone, panicked, overwhelmed when she was finally able to go home from the hospital. You and your team have made this horrible situation easier to grasp. Not being there to help them through this has be stressful on myself, and my family, knowing that you and your team are there, knowing that they are cared for has given myself, my family peace of mind as well. You and your team are wonderful!”.

– Wendy Vanover

“My husband Paul was suffering from gangrene in his foot and eventually lost his left leg. This was due to his complex diabetes. Obviously, this was very traumatic for our family. At our darkest time, Marc and Aptiva came in and provided assistance in so many areas that we had no idea about. We didn’t know the answers because we didn’t even know the questions to ask! But Aptiva did! Thank you for all you did for our family.”

– Erica

“I was referred to Marc when I was ay my lowest and dealing with my husband’s Alzheimer’s. He gave me his full attention, and came right away to assess our needs. His service gave us top notch referrals for new insurance, Doctors, and even helped find me a counselor to help me cope. In the end, he found a wonderful placement for my husband and personally supervised the transition. The care the new facility provides is compassionate and safe. I now have the peace of mind in knowing he is well cared for. I couldn’t have done all this without Marc.”

– Carly H.

“Marc and Aptiva came into my family’s life when both my mom and dad were really struggling with complex issues that were, to say the least, overwhelming to my entire family. Marc and his team came in and took control immediately. He turned crisis to calm. Aptiva provided case management, medical management, nurses, PT, ST, cognitive care, physicians, equipment supplies, transportation, counseling, and guidance. My family will be forever grateful!”.

– Joanine M.

“I have worked with Marc, Francine, and his team at Aptiva Care Management multiple on very complex stroke recovery cases where patients were able to bypassed skilled nursing, facilities, and were able to return to their homes. These families have always been very pleased, impressed with all aspects of the care, management, clinical work, details, and over sight. I strongly and always refer Aptiva, their team for complex stroke recovery patients. Marc, I want to thank you and your team for all the help you did to make Frank’s final days comfortable.”

– Nicole Ohmes, LCSW