The recent sale of an Aptiva client’s home was the final chapter in a multi-faceted case that required every aspect of Aptiva’s expertise.

It began in August 2020, when Heather, a healthcare colleague specializing in senior placement called Aptiva Care Management about Laurel. At the time, Laurel was 82 and living in Orange County. Her immediate family resided in Washington state.

Laurel’s family needed case management and care for her.


In Laurel’s senior years, psychological issues progressed – then, accelerated after the death of her husband in 2016. Hoarding was a real problem in her home making living conditions dangerous as well as being averse to her mental health. Aptiva got to work in managing her medical care and home care.

Simultaneously, Marc and the team did their best to organize a portion of her environment, so she, and her caregiver could function safely. All Laurel’s needs were met, medical appointments were attended, and constant communication was kept with family members.


During these months, Laurel’s health was deteriorating, and it was clear, end of life planning was required. Aptiva also has vast experience and contacts in this area. Aptiva handled organization and execution of Laurel’s will, trust, and power of attorney.

Laurel died of natural causes on March 21, 2021. Her aftercare was managed by Aptiva, which included the mortuary, filing all required documents on behalf of the family, and ensuring her estate was organized and intact. Aptiva saw to it that her cremated remains will be scattered at sea, per her request and carried out by the Neptune Society.


Laurel’s family also relied on Aptiva Care Management to oversee the sale of her home.
The hoarding conditions in her home made this an especially arduous undertaking.

Aptiva handled it by sifting through the ceiling-high piles of “stuff” for the trash bin and leaving valuables for an independent appraiser to assess for the estate sale that Aptiva arranged. Last, Aptiva Care Management got Laurel’s home sale-ready on a very tight budget. Preparation included securing a realtor, painting, replacing carpet and lighting, landscaping, as well as staging the home. Every employee at Aptiva was involved.

Laurel’s home sold at the asking price within a few short weeks.


Marc commented Laurel’s was the first client case that required every service Aptiva provides. Laurel received the care, respect, and compassion she deserved, and her family was relieved knowing that.


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