Aptiva Care Management takes the lead when a person is elderly, ill, or injured – and that includes chronic diseases such as alcoholism. “Who can I turn to for help?” is an urgent question family and friends ask when a loved one is spiraling due to addiction. Fortunately, a doctor at Hoag Hospital knew Marc and the Aptiva Care Management team had the expertise to assist the friends of a man with alcoholism. The referring doctor knew they would be in good hands. He has referred his own family members to Aptiva for care management, although unrelated to addiction.

Marc spoke with JD and Dani, who were at their wits end with their alcoholic best friend. They explained his health, business, and family were falling apart. The two finally accepted that good intentions, friendship, and love were not enough to set their friend’s recovery in the right direction. It was critical to have a qualified third-party step in to help manage this situation, as well as coordinate and execute a plan for their friend’s recovery.

Marc and Aptiva got to work. An intervention had to happen. However, much had to be done beforehand. Aptiva conducted hours of research regarding inpatient rehab facilities that were not only suited to the individual’s needs but were covered by his insurance. The latter is not easy to find; Aptiva did it. The first hurdle to overcome is for a person to admit they have a problem, but the addict must agree to get help. It is critical that help is lined-up; the chosen rehab facility was ready to admit him when he was ready.

Marc led the “mini” intervention. JD and Dani were there as well as two Aptiva case managers. It took some time, and repeated denial on his part. Eventually… success! He agreed to the selected 30-day inpatient program for physical and psychological therapy, medical management, and treatment to wean him off alcohol, as well as tools to maintain his sobriety.

Despite those promising first steps in rehab, he only stayed for two days, insisting on changing his treatment to an outpatient status. The drinking started again.

Marc urged JD and Dani to allow him to conduct another more intense intervention. This time, there would be more severe consequences focused on the loss of his support system – his friends. JD and Dani were not prepared for that measure just yet.

This certainly was the not the outcome Aptiva nor his friends wanted. Teamwork brought the plan and all the players together. A roadmap to recovery is in place when he is ready to fight for his sobriety. For that, Aptiva is proud; JD and Dani are happy with the strides Aptiva made.
They wrote,

“Marc, simply put, what Aptiva does for people in crisis is incredible. You do amazing work. You will truly be rewarded in heaven. Thank you, Thank you Aptiva!”

We have not lost hope; we consider this story “to be continued”.

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