Thank you to those of you who donated and shared Gisela Herrera’s gofundme link. Gisela was a Aptiva Care Management recipient. She died November 20, 2019 – five days after her 43rd birthday. Gisela’s family and friends hoped she could spend her final days at home. However, her unstable condition required her to stay at UCLA Santa Monica.

Gisela was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia two years ago. Despite a stem cell transplant, the disease raged on. Aptiva Care Management handled the complex facets of her case. Our team connected with Gisela’s family to guide them, and Gisela, during the final part of her journey. Cerna also helped raise several thousand dollars towards her care.

At the surface, Aptiva Care Management provided oversight of Gisela’s medical care.
Aptiva’s role went far deeper than that. The family relied on Aptiva’s Marc Friedman to act as an advocate and an advisory during Gisela’s last weeks. It was necessary to have an objective person in Marc who could help make those subjective decisions. Marc had to say, “Gisela’s condition isn’t going to turn around,” during an overwhelming and painful time for the family. Marc needed to make the right, and best, end-of-life choices for her and the family.

The Aptiva Care Management team took on the burden of important planning and legal documents by handling/coordinating hospice, the trust, a will, healthcare power of attorney, financial power of attorney, death certificates and cremation.

Marc Friedman attended Gisela’s funeral service on December 3, 2019. He sat in the back of the church. After the service, Gisela’s husband Ben walked to the back to hug Marc. Ben thanked him saying, “There is no way we could have made it without you and the things you did for us and Gisela.”

Marc is proud of the work Aptiva had done for Gisela and her loved ones. The situation was heartbreaking. Ben’s hug and his words reinforced that Marc and Aptiva Care Management made a difference, and that’s all we aspire to do.

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